AllGoVision Retail Intelligence for French Cosmetics Brand Sephora

One of the measures of profitability is the conversion rate of your store visitors into revenue generating customers. With a focus on such profitability assessment, Sephora embraced advanced video analytics technology that analyses the digital video stream from the store cameras and counts the people visiting the store. Insights and reports from those statistics help them take prompt business decisions.

Case Study Sephora

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Location : 10 Retail Outlets across Malaysia

End User : Sephora beauty retail stores

System Integrator : Sentinel

Solution Details :

  • Cameras: Axis, 54 Nos.
  • Video Analytics: AllGoVision + Alarm Center

Vertical Market : Retail

Use case : Business Intelligence for Retail Stores

Features : People Counting & Reporting

Project Requirement:

Sephora, the French cosmetics brand, has a chain of retail stores for beauty products. Being in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, the change in market strategies and business decisions should be fast enough. For this there is a requirement of real time visitor statistics. While the footfall data itself help in analysis, Sephora wanted to go steps further to do higher level analysis by linking the footfall with point-of-sale (POS) figures. For this they needed one simple yet robust solution generating accurate results.

AllGoVision Solution

AllGoVision’s people counting solution analyses the video streams coming from the Axis cameras installed at the Store entrance and near various product sections. It gives real time count and report for people crossing a virtual line drawn in the camera view for each of those installation areas. The reporting features can generate text reports or excel tables based on user-driven inputs. Plots (bar chart, line chart) of the data can be produced as a JPEG image or a PDF file and all these reports and charts can be scheduled for FTP upload or sending auto-emailer to supervisors. As per the custom requirement of Sephora, AllGoVision also sends reports in LDM format that can be imported to their POS systems.


AllGoVision has provided a cost effective video analytics solution that counts people with more than 95% accuracy. Insights from the various reports of footfall statistics, periodic trends, peaks and valleys are helping them with cues for correct strategies. Comprehensive analysis are also being done such as the conversion rate from visitor statistics (fed by AllGoVision) to live sales figure of the POS systems, or correlation between customer visits to any particular product section and the sales of that product category.

Testimonial from Sentinel:

“We are very much satisfied with AllGoVision video analytics product and support for installations at Sephora retail stores in Malaysia. The people counting feature achieves more than 95% accuracy and provides insightful reports aiding the business intelligence process of the retail chain”

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