AllGoVision Cup Counting Solution For Cafe Coffee Day, India

Our customized Cup Counting Solution for the retail gaint ABCTCL to avoid pilferage occured due to non billing. Key elements of the project included Cup-Counting Solution, Auto E-Mailer and Tripwire to avoid passage movement .

Cup Counting Solution

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Product : AllGoVision Video Analytics

Customized Solution : Real Time Cup Counting Solution

Customer : Amalgamated Bean Coffee trading Company Limited (ABCTCL), India

Location : India

System Integrator : Organized Retail

AllGoVision Partners :

  • Milestone - Video management Software
  • Axis - IP Cameras

Project challenge:

With 1300 plus outlets and more than 1 million guests, the retail giant ABCTCL was finding it hard to avoid pilferage occurred due to non-billing. It resulted in monetary loss and negative brand positioning. authorities wanted to discourage false practices and wanted a solution to monitor PAN India outlets and to get accurate daily sales volume centrally at Head Office, Bangalore.

AllGoVision Solution

The ABCTCL authority approached AllGoVision with the stated problem and asked to develop a solution which can match with all the requirements and more over should be stable enough to run continuously without human intervention. No need to mention it should be a perfect Return on Investment (ROI). The solution development started with intensive side surveys, understanding in depth beverage serving and bill generation process. Post doing complete research work, AllGoVision developed the solution with below mentioned features:

Cup Counting Solution:

The camera is installed above the serving counter to count the beverages. The camera is installed and focused in such a way that it should cover the entire counter.

Auto E-Mailer:

The report mechanism has been developed to automatically send daily beverage count reports and data to pre-fed designated email id's.

Tripwire to avoid passage movement:

It was noticed that servers had an option of serving the beverage from passage, which is in between serving area and kitchen. To discourage it, second camera was installed to cover the passage.


The implementation of AllGoVision Real time cup counting solution has resulted in Beverages pilferage reduction by a significant number and also considerable increase in sales volume. The solution perfectly satisfies Return on Investment.

Testimonial From Café Coffee Day:

The cup counting solution developed by AllGoVision has proven to be an useful tool to identify and reduce pilferage in the outlets. The accuracy achieved is 95% in selected outlets and it helped to get more accurate transaction data over the counter. The efforts put to understand the requirement and to offer customized solution are appreciable. The team has shown dedicated attention and offered a good solution for return on investment.
Venkatesh Babu, General Manager - MIS, Café Coffee Day, India

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