AllGoVision’s Smart City Solutions in GIFT City, Gujarat

Video Analytics applied on surveillance cameras helps in automating security monitoring for safe and smart cities, making city surveillance more efficient and cost effective. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City or GIFT City, as it is abbreviated, is a classic case of AllGoVision’s smart city solutions.

Smart City Solutions in GIFT City

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Location : GIFT City, Gujarat, India

End User : GIFT SEZ Ltd.

System Integrator : Honeywell

Solution Details :

  • Cameras: Honeywell IP Cameras, 40 Nos.
  • VMS: Honeywell Digital Video Manager
  • Video Analytics: AllGoVision + Alarm Center

Vertical Market : City Surveillance

Use case : Building Surveillance

Features : Perimeter Security and Indoor Security features

Project Requirement:

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), country’s first integrated smart city, is being developed as a Global Financial & IT Services Hub. Designed to be at or above par with globally benchmarked financial centres, GIFT City is incorporating best-in-class sustainability features and technologies. In keeping with this vision, GIFT city needed state-of-the-art security and surveillance system to be a truly safe and smart city. And when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness – there is a need for automation of security monitoring and smart security alerts.

AllGoVision Solution

AllGoVision solution is equally effective for intrusion detection at the outermost layer of the building premises as well as for indoor security monitoring. The tripwire feature gives an alarm on any person or object crossing a virtual line drawn along the boundary of the premise in the camera field of view. Similarly the trespass feature detects entry into a virtual area marked over restricted zones. The auto PTZ features can take a closer view of anything violating the pre-set rules. Suspicious objects/activities are alerted by left object detection and loitering features. The solution is robust to environmental changes like/rain, and reliable due to good object occlusion detection.


Manually monitoring the video feed for multiple surveillance cameras 24x7 was not an easy task. AllGoVision has automated the process by sending alerts for certain rule violations and security breaches. It has made the surveillance process more efficient as the accuracy of detection is more. At the same time it’s cost effective by saving time and manpower.

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