AllGoVision Video Analytics providing Retail Intelligence in Forum Malls, Mangalore and Hyderabad

Video Analytics analyses the content of videos coming from IP cameras installed at retail outlets and malls to provide business intelligence such as footfall statistics. It enables those entities make better business decisions, add more value in terms of revenue and profit and simultaneously serve their customers better.

Retail Intelligence in Forum Malls

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Location : Forum Mall – Mangalore and Hyderabad

End User : Prestige Group

System Integrator : Nexus Safety Solutions

Solution Details :

  • Cameras: - Hikvision
  • No. of Cameras: - 8 (Mangalore), 20 (Hyderabad)
  • Video Analytics: AllGoVision + Alarm Center

Vertical Market : Retail

Use case : Business Intelligence requirement for visitor statistics

Features : People Counting & Reporting

Project Requirement:

The Forum is a set of famous shopping malls developed by the Prestige Group at various cities throughout India. For 2 of its locations, there was a requirement of footfall statistics. Authentic visitor statistics and reports would help the authorities market the retail space of the mall. In addition, better business decisions could be made from reports and charts based on visitor data for different time durations. Manually counting the visitors was obviously not an option as it is laborious, not so accurate and definitely not cost effective for 24x7 analytics.

AllGoVision Solution

AllGoVision people counting solution analyses the video streams coming from various Hikvision cameras installed at Main entrance/exit of the mall building, entry to different floors through elevator or escalator, or even the entry at parking lots. It gives real time count and report for people crossing a virtual line drawn in the camera view for all those entry/exit areas. The reporting features can generate text reports or excel tables based on user-driven inputs. Plots (bar chart, line chart) of the data can be produced as a JPEG image or a PDF file and all these reports and charts can be scheduled for FTP upload or sending auto-emailer to supervisors.


AllGoVision has provided a cost effective solution which counts people with more than 90% accuracy. Rather than having samples of data, the authorities are getting in real-time the whole population set in a continuous manner. The decision makers are happy with the way they can generate customized report based on certain days of the week, hours of a day and so on and make note of interesting trends to initiate corrective or opportunity-tapping actions. Authentic reports aid them in pricing and marketing the retail space based on visitor statistics.

Testimonial from Nexus Safety Solutions:

“AllGoVision people counting and reporting features have been a perfect solution for the visitor statistics requirements of Forum Malls at Hyderabad and Mangalore. While it achieves more than 90+ accuracy, the multiple options for report generation has made life easy for the reviewers. We are also quite satisfied with the easy setup process and support given by AllGoVision during the project installation.”

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