Gujrat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas, Gujarat, India

The Gujarat state of India is highly opulent with godly places of pilgrimage and holy temples like Ambaji, Somnath, Dwarka and Dakor.

Case Study Gujrat Temples

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Product : AllGoVision Advanced Video Analytics

End User : Gujrat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas, India

Application : Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

Service Integrator : HCL Infosystems Ltd

Location : Gujarat, India

AllGoVision Partners :

  • Milestone - Video management Software
  • Axis - IP Cameras

Project Requirement:

Around one million pilgrims visit during auspicious occasions and it becomes difficult to manage the pilgrims and the concern for security and safety of those is high. India has experienced terrorist attacks at religious premises as these targets lack proper surveillance and the pilgrims visiting the religious places are soft and mass target for such type of terror attacks. It is not only that the terrorist attacks are vulnerable but where the mass gathers, the mishaps like stampede might also take place and which may create mayhem.

It is required to have a fool-proof Security & Surveillance Solution which enables the respective authorities to take necessary actions as and when needed. The solution should cover the entire premises of the temple leaving zero blind spot. There are 182 cameras set up for all the temples. The Video Analytic application is required to take proactive measures to avoid any mishap.

AllGoVision Solution

The real time Video Analytics application plays an important base for the entire solution which facilitates the control room and the monitoring solution. VCA Solution analyses the behavior and activities, observing the pilgrims etc. during the event from a distance by means of various kinds of CCTV Cameras transmitting information to the recording or monitoring equipment. The solution is designed to ensure zero blind spot in the temple premises and the adjoining parking area. The analytics application takes the video feed from Milestone video management system, analyse it and display alarms in client. The alarms facilitate authorities to take necessary actions as and when needed. The VCA features list includes:

  • Left out baggage, missing object detection, speed detection, camera blind alert
  • Crowd density analysis, overcrowding alerts, stationary people alarm, bi-directional counting, Loitering, counter flow
  • Advanced features like smart auto PTZ control, Object Classification, Video Stitching for object tracking


The installed VCA features are helpful to avoid mishaps, raise alerts for events such as intrusion, suspicious behavior and overcrowding. It also helps the authorities for post analysis of the events if occurred. The solution shall not only guarantee security and safety of people but also help the authorities to take necessary steps to reduce crowding and manage people during auspicious occasions. It raises alarm in case of person entering in forbidden region or moving in opposite direction with respect to queue.

Also Somnath and Dwarka being situated at coastal regions and forming the International borders of India are very important places to be secured. These locations are potential threats for terrorist attacks and needs highly efficient technology to keep a close watch for eliminating possible attacks or mishaps.

The advanced features set of AllGoVision Video Analytics has addressed all the security related issues of authorities and provided security to millions of pilgrims. The authorities are trained to use AllGoVision application which is easy to use.

Testimonial From HCL Infosystems:

" AllGoVision's basic & advanced video analytic features are implemented for real time detection of intrusion and suspicious incidences in the complex environment of Gujarat temples. The analytics worked well with Milestone VMS. The installation was easy and we got good support from AllGoVision team. "
Amit Malhotra, Head - PSTM, Security Division, HCL Infosystem.

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