Facial Recognition for VIP Identification

License Plate Recognition - Entry/ Exit

Speed Detection - with License Plate Recognition

Red Light Violation Detection - with License Plate Recognition

Object Classification using Deep Learning

Vehicle Classification

Vehicle Counting using Deep Learning

People Counting through Deep Learning

LPR and Subapplications: RLVD & Speed Detection

Queue Management

Multi directional crowd count

Crowd Counting

License Plate Recognition

Face Recognition


This feature is used for detecting person or vehicle entering or exiting virtual area.

PTZ Handoff

With PTZ Handoff feature any rule violation detected on any fixed camera triggers PTZ camera to its view for auto tracking of the object.


This feature is used for detecting the people leaving out baggage/object in public place.


AllGoVision's Vehicle Counting Feature can count the number of vehicles crossing a virtual line, in both directions.


AllGoVision provides Video based Smoke Detection(VSD). VSD can provide rapid detection of smoke even when smoke is formed in 10-15% of the view . The smoke can be with or without fire.

AllGoVision Occupancy Management

Display at your lobby shows real time occupancy of each level or customer service zone so that customers can choose where to go in order to get quicker service. You also have Queue occupancy, Parking Occupancy, Open-space Capacity etc.

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