AllGoVision Projects in China, Hong Kong and Macau Market

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Case Study Securex

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Product : AllGoVision Advanced Video Analytics

Customer : Securex

Service Integrator : Various

Location : China, Hong Kong and Macau

AllGoVision Partners :

  • Milestone - Video management Software
  • IQInVision - IP Cameras

Project Requirement:

There are various video analytic requirements from China, HK, Macau with use cases like detection of loitering of vessels, people counting provided to us by our value added reseller Securex. Securex fulfilled the requirements using AllGoVision video analytics solution. The requirement also involved customization of solution for people counting.

AllGoVision Solution

Securex is a Tier 1 value added reseller of AllGoVision who is well trained to operate, install AllGoVision. Securex is having deep expertise in Surveillance solutions and they were able to show video analytics features demo to customer and get their feedback. The customization is provided by AllGoVision to fulfil the requirements if required. For example,


It is important that Video Analytics meets customer expectation. It is possible by working with technically capable reseller in close association with customer to meet their requirements. In all the projects we do with Securex, the software capabilities are known upfront to the customer. Customization is also provided if required in order to meet the requirements. Meeting different requirements of intrusion detection, people counting, suspicious detection is an evidence for satisfying video analytics expectation of customer by AllGoVision software.

Testimonial From Securex:

" It's been more than a year since we have been associated with AllGoVision. The features portfolio is large enough to address all type of client requirements pertaining to video analytics. The pre and post-sales support offered is appreciable. We wish all the best to AllGoVision team and look forward to win more projects together. "
Alex Kwan, Director, Securex.

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