AllGoVision Video analytics applications for BFSI

A leading Qatar based financial institution was seeking a smart surveillance system for access control and attendance management. AllGoVision Technologies met their requirements by deploying its Advanced Video Analytics Solution in the client’s premises. The organization used AllGoVision’s Facial Recognition System which was further integrated with Lenel Access Control System to generate real-time alarms in AllGoVision’s Alarm Center.

Crowd Management in Kumbh Mela

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End User : A Leading financial Institution

Location : Qatar

Vertical Market : Government/Police/Defense

Features : FR integrated with Lenel Access Control

System Integrator : DLI, Qatar

VMS : Standalone system

Customer Requirement:

A leading Qatar based financial institution was tasked with promoting profitable and sustainable investments both on a national and global scale.

Given the type and nature of their operations, security was a primary concern for the organization. They wanted to ensure that their employees were entering the office premises by were using their designated RFID cards. In addition, they also wanted to prevent unauthorized access and deter the misappropriation of employee access cards.

To address these collective security concerns, they required an Advanced Face Recognition Solution that would enhance security and help monitor the correct usage of the employee RFID cards without slowing down the employee flow at the lobby gates of the entrance.

AllGoVision Solution

The Financial Institution selected AllGoVision Technologies for its accurate Facial Recognition Solution. AllGoVision’s innovative AI-powered Facial Detection model ensured seamless facial detection and recognition with low visual biasing and false alarms. Thanks to the advanced classification servers, it could also efficiently handle multiple facial orientations.

Integrated with the OnGuard Access Control System from Lenel, AllGoVision’s FR software generated accurate alarm notifications in real-time.
Customized Solution

Customized solution with Face Recognition

With advanced tracking algorithms and superior classification servers, AllGoVision’s Smart Facial Recognition Solution helped authenticate employee attendance by comparing the faces of the individuals entering the facility premises with the registered faces in the Client’s Database. Alerts were generated corresponding to a match or mismatch.

Since alarm notifications were sent in real-time, the security wing of the organization could monitor specific incoming streams. The collected metadata corresponding to every match and mismatch was instantly sent to the server processes and further stored in a centralized database.

To comply with the Financial Institution’s requirements, Lenel’s OnGuard Access control system was integrated with AllGoVision’s Facial Recognition System. This integration enabled the software to compare the transaction logs generated by the OnGuard Access control system with the transaction logs generated in AllGoVision’s servers. Valid access would only be granted when the transaction log (employee detail with image) from the company’s access control matched the transaction log of AllGoVision’s Facial Recognition System. Alarm notifications could be instantly accessed from AllGoVision’s Alarm Center, allowing the security team to take quick, corrective measures.

Solution Benefits:

Empowered by AllGoVision Technology’s integrated and Smart Facial Recognition Solution, the Middle East-based Investment Agency could efficiently monitor and manage attendance. AllGoVision’s Facial Recognition Solution didn’t merely assist in access control and attendance management, but it played a major role in detecting and preventing security breaches. Our customized Facial Recognition Solution thus assisted the security personnel of the organization to proactively manage attendance and handle business safety issues as they developed.

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