AllGoVision Video Analytics Aiding in Crowd Management in Kumbh Mela at Nashik

For events as big as Kumbh Mela with millions of visitors thronging in one place, the scene is more like a pop-up city. While providing right infrastructure in time bound manner is a challenging job, safety and security is of supreme importance especially when the ramifications are huge for any breach / mismanagement.

Crowd Management in Kumbh Mela

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Location : Kumbh Mela Site in Nashik, Maharashtra, India

System Integrator : Wipro Infotech

Solution Details :

  • Cameras: Axis IP Cameras, 75 Nos.
  • Video Management Software: Milestone
  • Video Analytics: AllGoVision

Vertical Market : City Surveillance

Use case : Crowd Management at Kumbh Mela

Project Requirement:

Credited as one of the world’s largest festival, Kumbh Mela is repeated every 12 years in each of the 4 locations which include Nashik – the destination for 2015 edition. In addition to video surveillance with greater number of cameras at vigil, the police control room needs an innovative solution which could automate the monitoring process to a great extent. On certain auspicious days, like Shahi Snan (earmarked for the holy dip at the river Godavari), the crowd will be unusually high and managing the chaos is an uphill task.

AllGoVision Solution

Video analytics application, which takes the video feed from the IP Cameras, processes the contents of the video and provides real-time actionable alerts against violation of pre-set rules such as virtual fence/perimeter breach or entry/exit in restricted zone or even counts objects for determining any threshold crossing event. In Nashik, the crowd management solution, deployed by AllGoVision, monitors about 75 critical areas through IP surveillance cameras. AllGoVision’s efficient algorithm for crowd counting and analysis works effectively even in busy scenario with too much crowd or too much traffic whereas other VA solutions fail in such situations. Apart from crowd counting with a reasonable accuracy, it provides alerts against over-crowding scenario. In certain cases crowd moving in counter flow can cause danger and AllGoVision can detect such occurrence in advance.
Crowd Management
Crowd Counting near Ram Kund, Nashik Kumbh Mela
Crowd Management
Crowd Monitoring in the Critical Areas of the Nashik City


Video Analytics tracks moving objects - people, vehicle etc. and detects the crowd surge and beyond a crowd density threshold gives alarm prompting the police personnel to assess the situation and take necessary actions by directing people towards less crowded paths/gates/bridges. The crowd flow analysis is capable of detecting in advance the crowd movement in a counter flow. Early identification of such occurrences can lead to corrective measures to avoid stampede.

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