AllGoVision Analytics for Airports and Crowded Public Places

Safety and Security is of utmost importance in crowded public places and especially in Airports. Apart from the purpose of general security there can be more critical use cases involving prevention of illegal activities such as smuggling and human trafficking. Applications like perimeter protection, intrusion alert, suspicious incidence detection, movement-rule violations come into play and provide better efficiency, effectiveness and timely alerts for the security monitoring personnel engaged in these locations.

Airport Projects

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IGI Airport, New Delhi & Delhi Aerocity - Delhi, India

Outdoor Applications : IGI Airport, New Delhi & Delhi Aerocity - Delhi, India

Indoor/Outdoor Applications : General Security Features, Suspicious Incidence Detection

T2, Noi Bai International Airport - Hanoi, Vietnam

Suspicious Incidence : Loitering, Crowding, Left Object Detection

People Face Detection : Face Detection & Capture

Boundary Monitoring:

The outermost layer of security for the airport infrastructure is the boundary walls, where AllGoVision video analytics can enhance the security by automating the boundary monitoring. Video Analytics is used for perimeter protection and intrusion detection there. The features such as tripwire, trespass, camera tampering, Auto PTZ features etc. are used.

Compound Monitoring - Outdoor:

Video Analytics plays equally effective role in monitoring the compound with outdoor cameras. Tailgating detection checks the unauthorized entry/exit of vehicles through access controlled gates. Suspicious incidences (object – left object, person - loitering) near critical assets and special security zones are detected and alerted for. Video Stitching feature provides a wider perspective of large compounds and enhances the monitoring activity by stitching the views from up to 8 cameras. In the compound pathways, vehicle movement rules are enforced by alarms for illegal parking, wrong way, over-speeding.

Indoor Areas: Service Counters, Airport Lounges:

For access points, counting and reporting can be done for footfall statistics. At the service counters, queue management can be used for waiting time analysis, or even for customer verification through face recognition. Black listed person identification can alert for terrorists’ presence. Left baggage alert for security threat or for unmindful travellers leaving their luggage behind.

APM Trains in Hong Kong

APM Trains in Hong Kong International Airport

Location : Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

System Integrator : PCCW & Securex

Solution Details :

  • Cameras: Axis, 120 Nos.
  • Video Analytics & VMS: AllGoVision + Milestone

Vertical Market : Transportations

Applications : Prevention of Illegal immigration / Human trafficking, Smuggling.

Features : Loitering detection, Left Object detection

Performance : Detection with >99% accuracy and < 1% false positives

Crowded Public Places:

Apart from airports, other crowded places with security threat can be monitored with AllGoVision. Features such as left object detection for bomb threat, crowding alerts are in action. Tripwire feature is useful for detecting line crossing which causes serious safety threats such as crossing of railway tracks at station areas / unmanned level crossings.

Video Analytics at Crowded Public Places

Video Analytics at Crowded Public Places

Indian Railways

Features : Tripwire, Crowding, Left Object detection

Mysore Palace – Mysore, India : General Security Features, Suspicious Incidence Detection

Features : Crowding detection, Left Object detection, Tripwire

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