AllGoVision Enhanced Monitoring - Surveillance System

Video Stitching

AllGoVision offers following advanced solutions :

  • Video stitching with Object Tracking
  • Video Stabilization
  • Video Smoke Detection
  • Video Fire Detection
  • Object Masking / Face Masking
  • Face Recognition

Video stitching with Object Tracking

AllGoVision provides Real time Video Stitching up to 8 cameras

Video stitching with Object Tracking

Video Stabilization

AllGoVision video stabilization application reduce camera shake, leaving operators with clean and steady video in milestone Smart Client.

The camera shake can be due to various reasons like high wind, loose camera installation etc.

Video Stabilization

Video Smoke Detection

  • Detection Range : Up to 30 meters
  • Camera Requirements :
    • Fixed Camera Mount
    • Minimum capture rate of 25 fps
    • H264 / MJPEG
  • Environment : Both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Nature of Smoke :
    • Cover at least 10-15% of the camera FOV
    • Slow Movement
    • Medium / High smoke density
  • Smoke Detection Time : 5 Seconds
  • Event Recording : +/- 10 seconds of smoke activity recording.
  • Field Tuneable Parameters :
    • Smoke suspected zones from user
    • Smoke detection sensitivity
    • Smoke detection trigger time
  • AllGoVision provides Video based Smoke Detection(VSD)
  • VSD will provide smoke detection for both indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • VSD can provide rapid detection of smoke even when smoke is formed in 10-15% of the view
  • The smoke can be with or without fire.
Video Smoke Detection

Privacy Masking

  • Face and Skin area is masked to protect the identity of the persons appearing in the camera view of surveillance system
  • While unmasked video is recorded & stored, masked video is viewed by operators during surveillance monitoring.
Privacy Masking

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