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Video Smoke Detection
For Early Warning System
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  Video Smoke Detection

  Smoke Detection Application:
    Early Warning System for Data/Server Rooms

  New Features in AllGoVision Video Analytics:
    Metadata Search, Flow Maps, ONVIF PTZ,
    Time Series Report, Distributed Architecture,
    New VMS Integrations...

  Success Stories: Smoke Detection

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AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multi-media technology. It is a server based solution with 25 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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Video Smoke Detection

AllGoVision analyses in real-time the video content for the presence of smoke, and upon detection of smoke in the camera field of view generates alarm. It provides smoke detection for both indoor & outdoor environments. The smoke detection can provide rapid detection of smoke even when smoke is formed in 10-15% of the view in a matter of 5-10 seconds. The smoke detection works for smoke with or without fire.

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New Features
  Meta Data Storage & Search

Videos from Surveillance Cameras generate huge volume of data. While applying analytics, AllGoVision now captures meta-data from the video and stores it as structured, indexed and searchable data. These meta data are typically the other contextual details and measurable statistics attached to the video data such as the time stamp of the triggering event, the color of the objects in the video etc. For example, now with AllGoVision video analytics you can effectively search for the appearance of a Red car from all the video streams of the IP camera network of a traffic surveillance system.

  Flow Maps

Applied most commonly with counting features, Flow Maps can detect the various flow paths of people, vehicle or object recorded in the overhead camera view. For example you can find out the percentage wise break up of people taking different routes in a retail store and based on that you take better business decisions like strategic placement of products in shelves.

Flow Map in Retail

  Time Series Comparison Report

AllGoVision has versatile reporting options like auto scheduling, sending reports through Email or uploading through FTP. The reports are in Text and CSV format with Statistical Plots generated in JPG and PDF formats. The latest feature addition is the option to compare reports of multiple time periods.

  PTZ using ONVIF Protocol

AllGoVision's automatic Pan Tilt Zoom operation with object tracking can now be performed based on ONVIF Protocol - the open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products. ONVIF protocol helps surveillance cameras from different manufacturers to easily talk to each other and to other electronic equipment.

  Distributed Architecture

AllGoVision can run on a local server or edge or cloud. It can send alarms over Wide Area Network (WAN). AllGoVision's Alarm Management Client Alarm Center can be hosted on WAN or Cloud.

Distributed Architecture

  New VMS Integrations

Being an Open Platform solution, AllGoVision gives you the option to plug it in your existing Surveillance System without any extra expenditure to ensure compatibility. It is integrated with many VMS - the list of which now includes ExacqVision and Honeywell Universal Surveillance (HUS).

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Solution for Data/Server Rooms
Data Centers & Server Rooms

Cost of post-incident corrective action is much more than cost of implementing a preventive mechanism. That is why customers worldwide are moving from reactive video surveillance to preventive intelligent video analytics.

AllGoVision’s Video Smoke Detection feature which detects smoke rapidly and sends alarm, can act as an early warning system. In some cases it takes less time to detect smoke compared to conventional Fire & Smoke Detection systems - especially where the smoke takes time to reach to the level of the smoke and fire sensors attached to the ceiling. Early warning even by a few seconds can save Data Centers and Server Rooms from fire hazards and related infrastructure damage and loss of data.

AllGoVision alarms can be viewed in its own alarm management client - Alarm Center, or the alarms can be sent to any VMS with which the solution is integrated.

Manual monitoring of video surveillance system consisting of multiple channels is not so effective, as it is vulnerable to a drop in human attention level. However, AllGoVision Video Analytics can see what’s happening without a break, sense the imminent danger automatically and alert you to take securing actions at the right moment.

Success Stories

We have successfully implemented projects with Video Smoke Detection feature at a number of installations globally. Following are some of our success stories.

State Bank of India

AllGoVision Solution consisting of Video Analytics and Alarm center has been deployed for 50 channels partnering with Honeywell at SBI INTOUCH - digital banking branches. Apart from features for sterile zone security and business intelligence, smoke detection is also applied for early warning against potential fire hazard at the kiosks with critical infrastructure and electronics.


Changzhou University

China's Changzhou University implemented AllGoVision solution integrated with Milestone VMS (System Integrator: Securex) for 16 cameras. Video Analytics is used for intrusion detection features and smoke detection for Data Center rooms.

Case Studies
Events Round Up

The Q1 of 2015 has been eventful with AllGoVision taking part in Intersec 2015 at Dubai, UAE held on January 18-20. AllGoVision received impressive footfalls at its Exhibition Stand with visitors taking keen interest in the live demos of video analytics features including Face Recognition.

AllGoVision was Gold Sponsor for MPOP India 2015 held at Kathmandu, Nepal on February 19-20. AllGoVision's product demonstration, especially the illegal parking feature, was well appreciated in the event which is an open platform for interaction between Milestone partners.

AllGoVision took part in Axis Academy Training Session 2015 in Dubai on 18th March and conducted a product presentation on its Advanced Video Analytics product.


In the month of February, AllGo Systems completed 10 successful years since its inception. From a 7 member team in 2005, AllGo today has the strength of 120+ top notch engineers with its solutions deployed in Video Intelligence and Automotive Infotainment segments.

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