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Press Release "Video Analytics Leader AllGoVision Gets Fund Infusion, Hires Top Talent”

15th Nov, 2016

AllGoVision sponsored Security Watch India's event in New Delhi, Securing India 2016. AllGoVision showcased its Advanc 12th Oct, 2016

AllGoVision, which was started as a Product Unit of AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd, is now a separate entity and will be called AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd.

8th Jul, 2016

AllGoVision has been covered in the Global Video Analytics Market Report 2016 published by Research and Markets. 

8th Jul, 2016



Server Analytics

  • Flexibility in installation
  • Can be installed either in the same machine as VMS or in a separate machine
  • Can take video feed either directly from camera or VMS
  • Can send alarms to VMS viewer (eg. Smart Client) application

Edge Analytics

  • Can send alarms to VMS viewer (eg. Smart Client) application
  • Can run as a windows service for upto 200 channels/server

Distributed architecture

  • Can run on a local Server or Edge or Cloud
  • Ability to send alarms over WAN
  • Alarm Center can be hosted on WAN or Cloud

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